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Welcome to the Class of ‘69 - Marlette, Michigan High School web site.  We were on the fast track to success.  We were born in 1950 and 1951.  We were BABY BOOMERS and the world revolved around us from the day we were born.  Muscle cars ruled the day and we were on the cutting edge of technology.  We invented it!

Neil Armstrong walked on the moon a month after we graduated!

Richard M. Nixon was inaugurated  as President of the United States.

B-52s bombed Cambodia.  The draft was in full swing.

Golda Meir became Israel's 4th Prime Minister and first woman Prime Minister of the West.

Charlie Manson formed a family of misfits who went on a murder spree naming his plan Helter Skelter after a Beetle’s song.

Middle Americans became Time Magazine’s Man and Woman of the Year.

Songs we were playing:  Aquarius, Dizzy, Crimson and Clover, This Magic Moment., Suspicious Minds, just to name a few.
President - Richard M. Nixon
Vice President - Spiro T. Agnew
Population - 202,676,946
Life expectancy - 70.5 years
Babies born in U.S. - 3,600,000
Average Income - $9,433
Federal Debt - $365.8 billion
Federal Spending - $183.64 billion
Consumer Price Index - 36.7
Unemployment - 3.6%
Federal Minimum Wage - $1.60
Cost of First-Class Stamp - $0.06
Cost of 1 Gallon Milk - $1.35
Cost of 1 Pound Bread - $0.23
Cost of 1 Gallon Gas - $0.35
Cost of New Ford - $3,278
Cost of Average 3 Bedroom Home - $25,600
U.S. Statistics
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